ATi Custom Resolution Tool V1.02

new version is here!

V1.02 – July 29th, 2010
-Disabled the maximize option

-Added more fail-safe for resolution

-Added error message for incorrect value

-Fix when extra line is added (like enter
is pressed)

-Cleaned up some more codes

-Disabled deleting ATires.reg file after
driver restart so it can be used when
updating the driver

-Added ability to load from backup .reg
file such as the saved ATiRes.reg or
even ones user manually Exported from
the registry

Morris Lee


Aspire 5920G Launch Manager Patch

Hello to all 5920G users, here is a patch for the ugly launch manager for your keys on your laptop, it may work with other models of the acer (possibly even some Gateway, eMachine or Packard Bell, because I have seen Launch Manager operating on the factory machines)

**Update, v12.4(Strictly for LMv3.0) is out, grab it from one of the following mirrors**
V12.4 I have fixed many issues and added several features too.

This is worth mentioning, you no longer need to go into the registry for your custom bluetooth device, the new BT.exe should do everything for you 😀

Not sure if it is worth mentioning, the Bluetooth is now using registry, you will need to run regedit and navigate to:
and change the “BTID”‘s entry(found on the right side) with your device ID, if you don’t have this field to change with, press your bluetooth button AFTER you installed the patch, which will add it for you.

After 4 hours of hard work right after Chris Z’s report on Launch Manager 3.0 for Win 7, I worked as hard as I could to push the new patcher out for everyone! Interesting enough, Acer changed a lot of things in this version…

For now(possibly forever), I will not be releasing patches for v2.0 Launch Manager, sorry for the inconvenience


Download links for Launch Manager:

Launch Manager V2.0.0.119 – Use v11.0 patch or prior.
Launch Manager V3.0.04 – Use patch v12.4.


*This patch is not UAC friendly, please disable UAC prior to installing the patch.*

Machine Compatibility:

For Launch Manager v2.0 with patch v11.0

Reported working machines:

Acer Aspire 4530 (with V12.0, cannot find 5920BT.exe problem, it should be fixed with V12.1)
Acer Aspire 5920G (well, of course~~, non “G” version should work too)
Acer Aspire 6930 (reported to “works like a charm!” when installed with launch manager for 5920)
Acer Aspire 8920 (sounds like it needed tweaking to get it working, but give it a shot!)
Acer Aspire 8930 (install LM from 5920, then use my patch)

List of not working machines:

Acer Aspire 5930 (reported partially works, new test results with v11 is required!)
Acer Aspire 6920 (it should work fine with it now, need tester on this one too)

For Launch Manager v3.0 with patch v12.0

Reported working machines:

Acer Aspire 5920G
Acer Aspire 5930G (Windows 7 64bit)
Acer Aspire 8920 (with patch V12)

List of not working machines:

none reported



Noticed the pretty icon and the pretty background comparing to this old one (I had to manually make the Arcade Button image which replaces the old internet button image)


Some highlight features:


-Power Plan Toggling via e button pressed (Similar to Stealth Mode in Alienware)
-The Arcade button can now be reprogrammed
-Bluetooth Key now works with any aftermarket bluetooth dongles if you choose to bind the key during installation

Other features:

-Simple installation
-Pretty icon that fits Vista and 7
-Compatible with XP/Vista/7 both 32 and 64-bit
-Fixed the Acer MediaTouch compatibility with WinAMP (and many other famous media players)
-Fixed the Synaptics touchpad’s scrolling compatibility
-Enable user’s On Screen Display preference

Note: Tested on Windows 7 and Windows XP, software is compatible with both 32 and 64 bit. Any test results or feedback is welcomed!

Patching is simple, download and run the latest exe from here or here it will automatically detect 32 bit or 64 bit, it also closes the program before the installation for you, I have gone through many trouble to finalize the installer to perfection!

Here is the change log, it is also embedded in the installer and saves a copy in the program folder

Morris’ Launch Manager V12.4 – x86+x64bit

FOR Launch Manager v3.0 ONLY!

I do not hold any responsibility for the faulty/unwanted result after installing this customization


-Patch the synaptics touchpad scrolling hook, adds compatibility to a generic scrolling for many software that have issue scrolling with the touchpad

-Only framework 2.0 is required now for compatibility

-Fix 5920BT problem by using the new BT.exe which will be able to handle any standard bluetooth devices

-Simply some of the installation steps


-Added UAC support, no longer requires user to diable UAC to use the patch!


-New version of PowerToggle.exe which detects real current power profile rather than separated registry

-Fixed 5920BT.exe problem where it is “not found”


-Rebuilded for Launch manager 3.0 (for Windows 7 specifically)

-Changed the volume back to increments of 6 (for compatibility for other machines)

-New PowerToggle.exe (ground build up program, single exe to toggle the power profiles)

which replaces the power.cmd method

-New 5920BT.exe for bluetooth enable disabling that replaces the bt.cmd method

the device can easily be entered in registry under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Morrisoft\Bluetooth\BTID

-Fixed up the locations of the text in the Windows and removed 5920(Since it has been

reported to work more then just 5920G)


-Changed the icon to 5920G (made by me)

-Changed default volume increments to 5% rather then 6% defined by Acer

-Fixed the “e” button unbindable problem

-Added the option for user choice for factory bluetooth or custom bluetooth binding


-Fix Volume OSD not configurable

-Changed Back default Font


-Changed installing method

-Added new icon for both 32 and 64 bit installer


-Auto detection for 32 or 64 bit Operating System

-Full auto installation

-Replaced the application backgound

-Support for Windows 7

-New image to indicate the new key binding


-Fully compatible with default 64 bit installation


-Automated installation with complete installation message


-64bit edition


-Fixed Volume wheel problem.

-Added OSD user controls

-Binded Arcade key to the Internet key, making it user defined


-Version disgard


-Fixed Winamp multimedia key support

-Disable auto launch of Windows Media player upon play/pause key is pressed (both touchpad and keyboard)

-Fixed Disabling Volume control decreases Volume increments

-Reconfigured Internet Browser button to remap-able with OSD “Internet Browser” instead of “WWW”

-**Blue “e” button toggles from “High Power” to “Power Saver” vice versa**

-**Bluetooth button now is automatically binded to toggle bluetooth on or off**

-New window title to “Morris’ Custom Launch Manager V2.0”

-New font for all the OSD to Mistral scale to 24

-Combined installer of previous LMcustomized.exe and USB Bluetooth.exe


-Blue “e” button is currently unremap-able in the Launch Manager
Configuration panel(can be done is registry)

-Bluetooth requires user to enter their own hardware ID’s in
C:\BT\current\bt.cmd, C:\BT\enable\bt.cmd, C:\BT\disable\bt.cmd


-Improved taskbar icon

-Remapped Bluetooth button to browser button in LM

-Disabled green OSD for touchpad on/off, Fn Mute on/off, and volume wheel +/-

-New background to acknowledge user this version is customized


-Default browser button should still work correctly, but not remap-able by LM

-This is work-in-progress version

By Morris Lee 9/18/2010

Morris Lee