Welcome to Morrosoft! Here you can stay up-to-date with latest software, hardware mods by Morris Lee.

Let me start off introducing myself, my name is Morris Lee, currently studying in Edmonton, Alberta, looking forward to be the best Computer Engineer in our beloved computer world!

My brands of interest for modding or writing software for:

  • Acer’s hardwares
  • AMD ATi Radeon video cards’ driver
  • Microsoft Windows

16 Responses to “About”

  1. Aly Says:

    I know you have answered this question 1001 but please help.

    I have just gotten a black screen on my acer 5920g – 602g25Mn and its the same with the external monitor. The machine boots and loads windows so its something to do with the card.

    Am thinking of changing the card (nVIDIA 8600Gt Geforce). Looking for a suitable replacement. Any suggestions.

    thanks a bunch.

  2. Ian Says:

    Hi you seem to know your way around the 5920g, i have one, it has no ethernet connection, but worse it only infrequently has a wifi connection. When the wifi goes if you press the switch i get wlan disabled, there is no sign in device manager. Running win7 64bit as it gives the best responce tried vista32 and 64 bit i have used your tutorial for installing mxm card excellent thanx. Any advice greatfully received. Iant

  3. Alex Says:

    Hi Morris,

    Sorry man, you probably gotta better things to do, but I’m wondering if you can help me out with a persistent problem I’ve had recently on my 5920g:

    I reformatted the laptop recently, with Windows 7pro64bit, the HDD is partitioned as its always been – C & D.

    Whenever I’m transfering files from external hdds to the internal hdd, particularly the D drive, the laptop becomes extremely sluggish.

    If I start transfering and then open Windows Live mail for example – it’ll takes a really long time – appears as not responding occasionally – then eventually loads. Same goes with any program basically.

    You can cancel the transferring files – then the system snaps back and runs normal again.

    I’m certain all the drivers are up to date, the security / ownership of the drive is as it should be, and I’ve never had the problem before reformatting.

    Additionally I recently converted the BIOS to ACHI from IDE for the HDD’s, to see if it helped solve the problem. Didn’t.

    If you can help, it’d be appreciated. Cheers man.

    • morrismurphy Says:

      Did you format drive D aswell? sometimes, it could be a sector in D is bad, and what the OS does is it trys to put files there, if it fails, it renders it unusable and jumps to the next sector. That could be what is taking a long time. Perhaps your harddrive is old, I can only suggest that you format the entire drive(backup your stuff first) and do a complete clean install.

  4. david Says:

    Hi Morris, Just found the site and i think it’s great!

    I have an 5920 (not the g) myself and wonder if you could help me? sorry for the bother! 🙂

    What upgrades can i do to the machine ie wireless, hdd etc?

    Also i’m wanting to insert the bluetooth module but how do i remove the top plate, keyboard to get to where it goes…would i have to take the whole computer apart? i have a service manuel but it doesn’t explain very well as there may be hidden screws to remove etc.

    I have looked at your mods but wonder if they would be ok for the 5920 or are they just for the 5920(G) i don’t really know the difference between them both?
    Many thanks and hope that you can help me
    Best regards

    • morrismurphy Says:

      you do have to take the thing apart yes, I think i have the service manual somewhere on my page for that, can’t recall which article.

      Morris Lee

  5. morrismurphy Says:

    I think the main difference from the g is that it is “glossed” on the lid, otherwise they should be samefor the bluetooth, you need to remove the whole thing to get to it

    • David Says:

      Thanks for the reply Morris

      So looking at your mods for the 5920g they should be ok with mine? just to clarify mine is:

      5920 intel core 2 duo processor t5450
      up to 358mb mobile intel graphic media accelerator x3100
      have upgraded to 4gb ram (only vista 32bit though)
      upgraded to 500gb hdd (used to be 160gb)
      802.11abg wlan

      Regarding the bluetooth modual to get the palm rest off and keyboard is there any underlaying secret srews that acer have put anywhere? also would your upgraded wireless card (3 antennas) work with mine??

      Thank you so much for your time

  6. David Says:

    If anyone knows the answer to this problem I think you would be the guy. I have a Gateway NV7915u which from what I understand is pretty much an Acer computer with a gateway wrapper. I LOVE this laptop but there is one condition it has that drives me crazy.

    The wireless enable/disable switch is a touch key above the keyboard instead of a switch as I’m use to. The button works fine to turn on or off the Wireless but it does not keep the off state setting when I reboot. I keep wireless off to conserve battery and for security reasons most of the time. When I restart the computer the wireless gets turned back on. Is there a default setting that can be changed in the Launch Manager that would fix this? I’ve noticed the wireless light comes on pretty fast after power up so it almost seems as if it might be a bios setting but the bios has almost no options of any kind. I have disabled boot from LAN but that doesn’t help. I have also set the WLAN AutoConfig service to manual and that doesn’t help either.

    If nothing else would it be possible to write a batch file or some other automated task to simulate hitting the touch key to toggle the wireless off after restart?

    Thanks for your time! 🙂
    David (A different David than the one in the above posts lol)

  7. KB Says:

    Hey Morris,

    I got a 5920g question, I posted in the video card guide as KB last year. Back then I got the the right copper shim, paste & a HD3650. Now I have a MSI GX660 and I can risk changing my videocard.

    So today I finally put it in, but I have a black screen (no bios and pressing the power button immediately turns it off), did I buy a dead card? The other weird thing is that, the upper left corner of the card is bent, because the small cubes on the downside are too thick. Is this bad, did I break it?

    My 8600m GT (an Acer replacement) is still working, except some flickering. Should I put it back with paste after I clean what I put on it today? Or should I get a new thermal pad.



  8. James Sinyard Says:

    Sorry if i missed this somewhere on the website, but i’ve been going INSANE trying to get this HP pc express remote to work in my 5920. It says “RC6 ir” on the back (RC1762302/00). I have Nuvoton and Ehome showing up in my devices. I have tested the remote by pointing it at my cam and i see the infrared just as in your video. I have girder installed but I’m stuck. No response from girder when setting up new remote. I also tried installing some hp drivers for the media buttons but they won’t install. Please at least point me in the right direction! Thanks. James.

  9. Luis C. Says:

    Hi Morris,

    I need some help with Acer Iconia Tab with Windows 7, and maybe you could help me 🙂
    The launch manager it comes with sometimes deactivates bluetooth, and I need to press FN+F3 to activate it again… is it possible to do this programatically without pressing such keys?. I need this because I am using a full screen app with no keyboard attached and need to activate it using C++ or C#.


  10. mz555 Says:

    Hey Morris,

    Could you post a working link for where I can download your Acer Aspire 5920G Multitouch Touchpad driver, please?
    (also a link for that .exe for the closing the screen app if you still have it)


  11. alfred Says:

    Hi Morrisoft,

    this is alfred, nice to meet you, and i read all your blog and looks like almost all the part on acer 5920g is upgrade.

    im using the same laptop like you but my graphic card nvidia 8600m gt just dead,
    im just bought the replacement for the ati HD3650 on china.

    when im put the ati graphic card on my laptop then im turn on, after 8 second my screen came distort. is this because i didnt put the thermal paste? or i need to edit the bios setting? would you mine to show or upload your image again for the part you upgrade your graphic card. thank you very much

    i will hear from your news,


    alfred tambora

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