Micro-SIM (3FF) to Mini-SIM (2FF) Adapter

Given the amount of people might be just switching phones using Micro-SIM, it is good to know if you can go back to your old phone in case if you drop your Gorilla Glass 2 eye candy phone.

So here is a pictorial how-to which will give you some idea as to how to make the adapter yourself if you have purchased a new Micro-SIM which comes with the full size SIM card.

Here is a comparison side by side:

We want to put the Mini-SIM into it’s own full SIM and deck it on top of the Micro-SIM in the full SIM:

(Notice I use rubber band to lock it in place, you can use tape too)

Now, we want to mark it with a mechanical pencil for the best result, run the pencil along the Mini-SIM’s edge as much as you can until it is as close as you can get to the edge of it.

After running it, it should look like this when you remove the Mini-SIM with full SIM:

Put the Mini-SIM on top of the outline you have made, run the pencil over the missing area:

Cutting time!

I cut it out to a rectangle first like so:

Cut out the key lock corner:

After the edges are smoothed (you can run the blade over the rough corners couple of times)

Pictures of comparison to old Mini-SIM:

For fun and giggles, I put it in the full SIM for Mini-SIM to see the accuracy:

I would love to take a picture of it sitting in my phone but my phone is my camera.

Let me know if this helps you and feel free to ask any questions if I left out details.

Morris Lee