Morrisoft ATi Custom Resolution Tool

Yes! it is here! sorry for the 2 and a half month delay of the release, but here it is, you can download it from

Instructions are simple:

-Click “Get Current Resolutions”
-Type in the desired resolutions according to the “Example”
-Click “Save the table”
-Click “Restart ATi driver”

You should now be able to use that resolution*, it is THAT EASY!
*resolutions added needs to be under what your monitor can handle otherwise it will not show up as an option in Catalyst Control Center or Windows Control Panels

Morris Lee


5 Responses to “Morrisoft ATi Custom Resolution Tool”

  1. Phil Adrian Eggebrecht Says:

    Please make new download available. i would like this program very much!

  2. Serkan Arir Says:

    Thank You Very very much. I search everywhere but couldnt any way to solve. My other screen works fine with this program. Because ati’s new driver not works fine with my second screen and i was not show max resolation and i writed and solved.thanks again bro.sincerely.(excuse my bad english im from turkey)

  3. Stephen Says:

    Can you add ability to change refresh rate with this tool as well? Also there is a bug that detects previously installed display adapters rather than current display adapter.

    Nice utility 🙂

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