Shrinking Mini Bluetooth USB dongles

Well, well, the title explains itself, sure you want to get Bluetooth for your beloved Aspire One and not worrying it sticking out “injuring” the USB port while traveling, Or maybe you are just too scared to crack open $300 USD or more electronics. How does cracking open a cheap $10-20 Bluetooth and do a “DIY”, wait a second! did you say DIY? YES, you can “do it yourself!”.

Tools you need:

High precision ruler


A Mini USB Bluetooth dongle
Hard Plastic packaging
Paper Clip (if your bluetooth PCB board also drilled through)
Double-sided tape (to hold the PCB on the plastic)

You may see the following dongles to be a “fine” solution to many laptops, but for Aspire One, it still is pretty gigantic.

How about shorting the necessary length? make it into something like THIS:

Oh, sure it looks not much different, but here is a reality comparison:
The profile is now just .4 cm(stock was .8 cm) which is significantly shortened!

How is this possible you may ask, that is why I am discussing this, the casing itself actually contains a lot of empty space, there is also a slight thickness that just pads between the board and the inside of the USB port.

By using materials like this:
With a little of creativity and some 3 dimensional logic shape thinking, I cut out the shapes and bent them so they hold just the board.

Fortunately, there are 2 small holes that paperclip can just go through, I manage to pin it through and wrap it around to allow easier removal and structure support.

Here is the bluetooth in action on my Aspire One:
(actual feel looks even better then the image)

As a matter of fact, I prefer the current look, I love lights on laptops and the original casing was a darker plastic which blocked magnificent amount of the LED intensity, however, the plastic packaging material is completely transparent allowing the LED to show off its full potential!

This is just the project I did that I’d like to share to all!


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