Aspire One A110 2.5′ HDD SATA MOD – IT WORKS!


Bench mark setup:

Windows 7 build beta 7000
WD Scorpio Blue 250 GB SATA 5400rpm



unfortunately, the 1.8 40GB HDD I have purchased has failed on me(there goes my half life 1 saves along with lovely Windows 7)

I have been called crazy the past, never this crazy, but I am purposely putting myself in the same position again.

I intentionally wanted to publish the next How-to on multi-touch on Aspire One for Windows, but with the funeral to my petite plug-and-play ZIF hard drive, that has to be post-phoned.

I suppose purchasing another 1.8 HDD is simply impracticable at this moment, sacrificing the whole day of research on installing 2.5 inch HDD instead (I have a 250GB lying around) then I finally found the most “detailed”Replacing the SSD in the Acer Aspire One guide(translated by google)

seems possible from several sources, I am making some progress too. without further ado, I shall show you what I have got!

Alright, it is done! Just install Windows 7 under 20 minutes(from USB HDD full install) everything running smoothly, barely any difference on battery for me, took one hour off my 10hour battery.

To do this mod, you are to be ready for any consequences may happen if you do not have enough experiences in modding such small electronics


open a normal SATA cable for desktop drives like this, cut it so that you have some length to work with.



same thing for the power cord, it maybe a little harder.


Here I have both of them attached together with 2 plastics sandwich the 2 connectors with thin double sided tape


Note that I kept some length for the pins for easier soldering

for the power cord, you only need the middle 2, you can pull out the other 2 cables.


A look when it is attached


the where about the SATA connections are


Now, where the swiss knife is pointing, resistor R364, solder the 2 ends together with solder, no need to purchase a resistor.

Right under my Swiss army knife is the location where contact has to be made to provide the necessary 5 volts to the 2.5″ hard drive, this is kind of a bad news as to I am loosing battery, the ZIF hard drive only uses 3.3V.


Remove the plastic at the following red circled locations with a Diagonal pliers, use knife or preferably a chisel to remove left overs. (note: the rectangular shape is preferred to be removed, but do not scrape too much off, it is the location for the rubber stand, as it might sink in when you apply excessive pressure on the palm rest.)
You see the red circled location where R364 is, just bridge them with a blob of solder will do. (Click on the image to view full size)

This is what should be soldered

(image thanks to Windraver)

For the power, we solder one of 4, 5, 6 for ground and one of 7, 8, 9 for +5v(since they are all connected internally on the harddrive board, but you can solder the all 6 pins(or even all pins) for better strength)


Please check the order of the pin numbers from this image

soldered on, try using a Solder sucker to clean out the solder acer filled up preventing easier modding, once the solder is removed, a tiny whole will reveal, inserting the small pins on the SATA connectors will be easier.


Once it is done, make a piece of plastic to prevent the harddrive’s board from damaging or conducting any unwanted circuits. Put everything back together, it should work now!

One note, I tried having both the HDD and the SSD installed, but the SSD no longer shows up in the BIOS. so I left it as is.

Alright, I have a little update on my pretty 5920(well, it has gotten prettier)

ohh, I love the LED’s lights~~

I can’t finish all these today, I need to get some sleep, perhaps I can get up tomorrow or the next day and finish this off, once it is done, I will fill in the gaps I have left unexplained. (to be honest, I can’t find a source with a picture clear enough about the R364 bridge, or has explained clearly)

As a matter of fact, I finished it today, I was waiting for Chinese new year, that gave me a couple of hours to work on this. Yeah, my Aspire One is back on running Windows 7 again!

I have challenged tnkgrl’s 1.8′ HDD mod

Happy Chinese New year


9 Responses to “Aspire One A110 2.5′ HDD SATA MOD – IT WORKS!”

  1. Steve Says:

    I love your write up!! I did this mod and can’t believe how much faster my netbook is now.

  2. Aspire ONE AOA150 Says:

    It is possible in AOA150 to add ZIF interface to work with SATA HDD.

  3. DK Says:

    Where do I find a sata cable that I can open up like that? All the ones that I can find are molded shut so it can’t be opened.

    I’ve done some other mods on my AOA 110 but never anything involving soldering. I’ve seen the tiny holes where the Sata pins go. How hard is this? Which solding iron / gear should I get?

    My AOA works great but the only complaint that I have is the drive slowness. Being able to do this would be magical.

    Many thanks in advance.

    • morrismurphy Says:

      I have a pretty crappy set of soldering iron that takes forever to heat up stuff, if I may suggest, get a better one for this unless you have really steady hands to compensate for it.

      As for the cables, I had to dig out the ones from a motherboard, can’t recall which, but you will be able to see little tabs to crack them open. if you can’t find those, you would have to purchase something like that anyway, so just purchase the proper socket connector. I am not too sure where to find something like that, try ebay though.

      You can always use an external USB hdd and install linux on it and it will boot perfectly fine – that is if you are comfortable with linux environment. For windows to be on a USB, you may need a lot of work.

  4. Krist Says:

    nice mod bro , how fast my nettbook aoa 110 with my sata kingston 64 GB SSD, thanks reali helpme boost my 110

    • Jovan Says:

      Just succes mod my aoa110 use 30 GB SSD kingston v series , original SSD 8 GB stil use that space for data my win 7 home loading in 28 second ,,,and 17 sec shutdown ,,,, play smooth 720p HD move while writing use ms word or ms excel ,,,, its greath upgrade

    • Jovan Says:

      I use sata adapter from old broke SATA external hdd

  5. Ben Says:

    Hi Morris, Just noticed that The Acer Guy site is offline and so are the photos for this mod. Is there somewhere I can find the doc with working photos? Thanks!

  6. gyong3 Says:

    Good instructional post but all the image is broken.

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